Haters suck

Everyone has dealt with haters at some point in their lives. I  have been lately and they suck. I’m the kind of person who tries to please everyone make everyone else happy. I used to think that “if I make them happy they will treat me better or nice or let me be part of their crowd.”

You see I thought I somehow had to make up for something because I was adopted. I was privileged because without them I would’ve been homeless or an orphan. So I always played the good girl. I did what everyone wanted, what others expected of me. The older I got, however the harder it was to keep it up. Making others happy at my own expense was hard on me. In fact I had no self esteem in high school. I was just there.

Between the journey to finding out who I was and who gave me life I began to find myself. Let me back up and say that none of it would have been possible without my husband. He believed in me and voiced it daily. I thrive with this.

In 17 years I have learned who I really am. Through service and submissiveness to my husband. I have learned how to deal with people who are displeased with the way I run my life. I have learned that there are really only two people on earth who matter in my life. Only two that should something be wrong, cause worry or stress for me, my husband and myself. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Should they choose to voice it, I am not obligated to respond or react. I am my own person.

It took me years to understand this and implement this philosophy in my life! It is still a daily struggle not to let those ‘haters’ bother me. My suggestion for others out there facing ney sayers….is this, deal with haters like you would a cashier at Walmart… Smile, say thanks, move on and discard everything they just said or did. After all, a Walmart employee shouldn’t ruin your day! Who are they to make your day suck? #HatersSuck!


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