“That Mom”

O M G… I really hope I haven’t become ‘that Mom’. You know who I’m talking about.. the one who ALWAYS complains because her kid doesn’t play all the time or sometimes, or never at all. The one who goes and tattles because her kid doesn’t play. That’s the kind of parent I’m talking about.

You know somethings up when other parents don’t talk to you at all! I think that I ruffled a lot of feathers when I instagrammed a photo of the team and then put a few words on it. Along with a few hash tags.. yep I have a potty mouth and they didn’t like it one bit. But hey it’s my own personal Instagram. I don’t even use my real name. Oh well.

We went to the awards banquet for JV basketball and the fall sports. I was one of the first to the banquet and ended up picking my spot to sit. The few ladies that usually talk or at least smile and wave, were not very talkative that night. I ended up with a few spaces around me. Lol 😜 like I was ‘that Mom’ Oh gosh. Whatever you do, don’t sit by her. Don’t even make it look like you ever shared her opinion about the coach. 😒 In my daughter’s eyes, I am not that Mom‘. But that night, in all those others’ eyes, I was ‘that Mom‘. I could see it in everyone of their eyes.

“Why’d you do it? Couldn’t you just shut up? Go with the flow?! Why’d you have to open your big fat mouth?!

I also found out that a couple of the girls saw that go to our partner School. They aren’t on the team. But at least one of them is a huge tattle tell. Somehow she showed the principle over there and that principle is super mad. It could be that is why I got the email. Either way, I know who the tattle tells are now. (Seriously I’m a freakin adult. It’s not a player who posted that picture.. good grief.. the other girl goes to my daughter’s school, and she is also on the varsity team. Like I said, they’ve shown their true colors..) just another Hater..

Guess I’m not familiar with the concept. I just wanted to get stuff done. Not poke around the bush. I mean really have you ever heard that way people in the stands talk at any college or pro ball game? Cause I can bet you they aren’t having a sit down conference with the coach.


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