Been there

I think that I’ve been on here for about a year, maybe longer. I’m just now learning how to use the WordPress app for my iPhone. Seriously didn’t know that you could tag your posts. I didn’t even know that you could search on the app. I figured I’d have to search for stuff the old fashioned way, with google… isn’t that funny!? Old fashioned and Google in the same sentence..

So I have been reading other moms blogs, about their crazy days or just listening to their stories about seeing other moms ‘loosing their shit’ ! Haha that’s so funny! Just want to say ladies that I feel your pain. One day you will look back and laugh or at least smile. Just remember they don’t stay small for long! Teach the manners while they are young and enjoy them. One day all you will have left are the stories.

This is my baby being a goof ball with the last of the sprinkles for the cookies for Thanksgiving.. She’ll turn 11 in 2 days. 😢


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