Late night projects

Last night my daughter and I stayed up way too late working on a project for English. It had to be a haunted place in our state. This one was history oriented, just my cup of tea!

History and haunting all in one paper! So she chose Jesse James Farm. If anything would be haunted, it would be that place, with all the turmoil and upheaval from 1850 through the civil war!

I would know, I grew up in a border state learning about the Kansas-Nebraska Act Of 1850, border wars. How the civil war for us started way before 1861.

So I was finally able to tell my daughter about the history I am passionate about. Civil war era, after the war and the effects it had on the ones who fought in it. I have always been excited about Jesse. Because I grew up less than 5 miles from his birthplace. It was my first job, and I kept that job until my husband and I moved for his job. I had that job for almost 10 years.

Anywho, my daughter and I sat up and I talked for a long time about my experiences with ghostly things at the farm. Seriously freaky things! I was there quite a bit by myself, since the house is separate from the gift shop/museum. There’s no need to have more than 1 guide in the winter months.

I worked there and met Jesse’s great granddaughter, Betty Barr. I was working at the farm in 1995, when all the hoopla about Jesse’s final resting place was going on.

In the 10 years I worked there, I met a lot of interesting people. People from different states and countries. I even worked with some pretty amazing individuals.

I grew up in the church Jesse James was a member of. Apparently the preachers back then taught differently than today… lol 🤪😜

I don’t know who is more excited about this google slides presentation, her or me! Lol

No seriously I’ve always felt left out because I am super good at history, it’s my fortè.. the girls never really asked about it before now.

Win win win!


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