Winter Snow

Yeah yeah I know, it’s a stupid title. What else am I suppose to call it? We just had Christmas break, last week we had late starts because of the temps and yesterday the kids had their first ‘snow day’ of 2018. It’s already been an awesome winter. It’s been years since we had a great big snow. Yeah know the ones where you can build a snowman and snow cave. We had one of those the first year we moved back to Missouri. We went big !

We had no electricity, either. We did two full years without electricity. We did the ‘little house on the prairie’ living. All of us girls wore skirts and braids, except me, I had a bun. We raised our food, made our own laundry soap, hung our laundry up in the house to dry in the winter by the wood stove and outside in the summers. We made our own bread. ( using a propane stove lol. It was fun, but limiting. I was ready to move on when we got our electricity.

Anywho it’s been super cold and we’ve had some snow. Enough that we were able to go sledding. But I think we forgot to try to build a snowman. I think we had the wrong type of gloves. I needed to get waterproof winter gloves!

It was about 5 out when we went sledding the first time!

The 2nd time it was cold! We took the gator for a spin!

Also took the time to sew a few things. My daughter wanted to sew a pillowcase, so I taught her how to use the sewing machine. Then I made a friend a couple receiving blankets and burp clothes for her new baby boy.

I forgot how much I like sewing quick things. I also made a quilt a couple years ago.

This picture was from this morning. I thought it was very beautiful. Freezing fog on our gate wreaths.


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