The Most Amazing thing

It’s really quite unbelievable. I wouldn’t believe it myself, if I didn’t have pictures of me an it together! One person even said it was a once in a lifetime occurrence! Maybe so. The kids weren’t even home for it. When the bus picked them up it was still dark. By the time they got home, it had been taken away.

So what was it you ask? I saw it in the fence and thought to bring my camera (iphone8) with me.

Please ignore my dog. She was curious, but not barking. When I first saw the deer, I thought it was dead. It was just laying there, but when we walked up closer and the puppy got up by her, she started in trying to stand up.

I appeared her foot got stuck and she was trapped . Her leg appeared to be broken.

She’s sweet and she let me comfort her while we were trying to help her. We called the Department of Conservation and they eventually came to get her! 😓 I think I am attached to her!

She laid her head on my lap. She shivered, but seemed like she trusted me to help her.

I wanted to share my once in a lifetime experience! She was a deer, and I loved her! I am so blessed to have been able to help her.


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