Back when…

These 3 images frame my life about 5 years ago. We lived very close to the earth. Seriously, think no smart phone, better yet think 1800’s. Yes seriously no electricity. I learned to can, make clothes , and laundry soap. Actually we made a lot of stuff. We even wore aprons and the dreaded dresses. We actually dressed in dresses and skirts lol. 😜 anywho I wanted to live like Laura Ingalls Wilder.. and we did.

We were very tied to the homestead. Think milk goat. (They need to be milked at least once a day.) We milked Notable (that was her name) in the morning before breakfast. There was really no way to refrigerate the milk so we used it all. Someone would go milk her and bring the milk inside and then I would strain the hairs out of it. Then we would use it for breakfast.


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