Fall in July

This month has been a bit chilly for Missouri, in July! It’s usually 90+! Everyday. Not this year, it’s been 80’s and 60’s at night, today it was 71. We’ve been able to have the windows open throughout the day and night. It’s also been breezy! (Generally in July it is hot, 90+, no rain and no wind!) unless there’s a storm. One year in July we had a terrible storm that blew our trampoline away! ( across the road and bent around a tree!) We can usually tell when it’s gonna storm because the winds would come out of the East.

This was back in June when it was hot! Lol


It’s already sweatshirt weather here….in July…

When I started this post, it hadn’t rained, but it’s rained several days in a row now. Today it was 80, and it’s going down to 58! These are late September/October temperatures. Makes me think that we will have a wet winter, particularly cold, wet, stuff! Lol ❄️💨🌨

I’m thinking it might be Halloween 👻, and roasted s’mores time already!


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