“That Mom”

O M G… I really hope I haven’t become ‘that Mom’. You know who I’m talking about.. the one who ALWAYS complains because her kid doesn’t play all the time or sometimes, or never at all. The one who goes and tattles because her kid doesn’t play. That’s the kind of parent I’m talking about. … More “That Mom”

Instagram follow up

So I have a follow up to my last post, the picture I posted on my Instagram. It got almost immediate attention! Not from the coach, but from the superintendent himself. I got quite a LONG email about the appropriateness of my hashtag #shittypeople….. of course it was expressed quite heavily that I should’ve talked … More Instagram follow up

Soap box-

I’m seriously tired of people. (Coaches) playing favorites and then blaming my kid’s athletic ability on their lack of playtime! Not hardly coach. My kids’ abilities are equal to those others on the team…. my daughter is a freshman playing her last year on the junior high team. She’s a starter in name only. Seriously … More Soap box-

Cinnamon rolls

I had an enjoyable day with my girls today! They wanted to bake bread. So we made flat bread, cinnamon rolls and baguettes! She has realized how tough it is to knead the dough! Lol Cinnamon rolls! Yummy! They came out fantastic! It took most of the day to make them.


My family is very close nit. We’ve made it that way! Just Dad and mom and kids. There are 6 of us, so communication is super important to keep our little village running smoothly and to make sure I am not raising a monster, loner, or brat. Seriously I just want to raise a normal … More Secrets