Winter Snow

Yeah yeah I know, it’s a stupid title. What else am I suppose to call it? We just had Christmas break, last week we had late starts because of the temps and yesterday the kids had their first ‘snow day’ of 2018. It’s already been an awesome winter. It’s been years since we had a … More Winter Snow

Visiting Santa

We have the Best Santa ever! He’s so funny! Every year he’s done something or said something unforgettable! This year was no different! My 15 year old ( the one in the Missouri Tigers hoodie) sat on his lap and this year Santa said she needed a boyfriend this year! Lol My son is 16. … More Visiting Santa

One door shuts..

A year ago if you’d asked me what I would be doing now, I probably would’ve said ‘living in Florida’. Life has a funny way of working out a bit different. The place is still for sale, but so is another farm not to far from where we are now. A couple days ago our … More One door shuts..

Been there

I think that I’ve been on here for about a year, maybe longer. I’m just now learning how to use the WordPress app for my iPhone. Seriously didn’t know that you could tag your posts. I didn’t even know that you could search on the app. I figured I’d have to search for stuff the … More Been there

“That Mom”

O M G… I really hope I haven’t become ‘that Mom’. You know who I’m talking about.. the one who ALWAYS complains because her kid doesn’t play all the time or sometimes, or never at all. The one who goes and tattles because her kid doesn’t play. That’s the kind of parent I’m talking about. … More “That Mom”