Playing possum

We also have those silly Scottish thistles. The hummingbirds seem to enjoy them, I however, do not! Wanted to show off our new visitor. Actually think I was the visitor in his domain. He was cute and lively until I spooked him and he “played possum“. This is he closest I dared get to the … More Playing possum


I had to share this image I took the other evening while on a ride to check the animals. These are the devils we rode out to check on. I absolutely love 💕 checking on the sheep and taking care of them. I love feeding them and listening to them eat all around us. We … More Magical


The #trashpandas were using teamwork to drink the nectar out of the hummingbird feeder the other night. I had to share, it’s too cute to pass up! Last night a mom and her 4 babies came to the back porch ‘diner’ to eat! So freakin cute! I will share a picture when I get the … More Teamwork

Trash Panda 🐼

Our friend came back. I just feed him a very little bit! I am sitting behind a glass door, pushing my phone camera out through a crack in the door jam to take the video and pictures. Thought I would share with y’all. #trashpanda #summerfun #countrylife

New friend

We have a new friend this year! He’s a trash panda! 🐼 he’s very fun to watch through the glass on my back porch! He loves hummingbird food (nectar) and dog food! He likes to stare through the glass at me!

Fall in July

This month has been a bit chilly for Missouri, in July! It’s usually 90+! Everyday. Not this year, it’s been 80’s and 60’s at night, today it was 71. We’ve been able to have the windows open throughout the day and night. It’s also been breezy! (Generally in July it is hot, 90+, no rain … More Fall in July

Back when…

These 3 images frame my life about 5 years ago. We lived very close to the earth. Seriously, think no smart phone, better yet think 1800’s. Yes seriously no electricity. I learned to can, make clothes , and laundry soap. Actually we made a lot of stuff. We even wore aprons and the dreaded dresses. … More Back when…